Valeant ensures the compliance of environmental health, safety and sustainability principles by being practical, non-burdensome, collaborative and proactive. Valeant’s environmental health, safety and sustainability principles are included in our operating plans, have the ability to influence and motivate across regions and to motivate local leadership in Valeant’s decentralized organization model.

These principles are designed to support the achievement of Valeant’s business objectives and meet the needs of patients, customers, consumers, regulators and stakeholders today while protecting and sustaining the community, environment and natural resources so they are available for future generations.

What is Valeant doing to support the environment?

Beginning in 2015, Valeant raised its sustainability efforts up to the Board of Director level by establishing an Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Subcommittee. Additional to that , the company already has a number of initiatives in place:

  • Investing in energy-efficient lighting technology that uses a fraction of the electricity of standard light fixtures. Locations: Rochester, Greenville, Clearwater
  • Upgrading existing facilities to conserve energy and water for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and ensuring these technologies are integral components of new buildings and construction. Location: Rochester
  • Minimizing the production of waste and diverting it from landfills through recycling and reuse programs. Locations: All U.S. facilities
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations for employee use. Location: Rochester
  • Installation of a 1.12 MW solar array, reducing the carbon footprint by more than 800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Location: Rochester
  • Implementation of water conservation programs that, to date, have conserved more than 92,000 gallons of water annually. Locations: Tampa, Clearwater
  • Capture of cooling tower blow-down for gray water use; additionally, water used for the cooling tower processes are recycled rather than discharged. Locations: Tampa, Clearwater
  • Capture of rainwater runoff from the site’s buildings for additional gray water use. Locations: Tampa, Clearwater
  • Implementation of energy-efficiency improvements, including the installation of “white roofs” that reflect – rather than absorb – sunlight and heat; layering of film over windows to improve air-conditioning efficiency and consumption. Locations: Tampa, Clearwater


What are some other highlights of Valeant’s environmental, health, safety and sustainability efforts?

Valeant’s Waterford, Ireland facility was among the finalists for the title of “Green Manufacturer” in the seventh annual Green Awards, which celebrate excellence in sustainability and environmental awareness in Ireland. In 2013, the Waterford site set a goal of zero waste-to-landfill, tracked waste per unit of production and implemented several improvement projects to ensure proper segregation of waste, as well as educational programs for many of its 1,000 employees on sustainability and waste management. Last year, Waterford achieved a 99.6% recyclable and reuse success level, with less than 12 tons of general waste going to a waste-to-energy facility. Additionally, despite increasing production output several times over, the site achieved a 62% reduction in energy used per unit of production; with plans to further improve this and other metrics relating to sustainability and conservation.

Laboratorios Grossman, S.A., a business of Valeant Mexico, was granted in 2015 its seventh Certificate of Clean Industry in Mexico, further reinforcing its leadership position in the area of environmental responsibility. The certificate is presented by the National Environmental Audit Program, a voluntary mechanism of self-regulation whose objectives are the effective enforcement of national environmental legislation, as well as to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, environmental performance and competitiveness. Additionally, Tecnofarma, Valeant Mexico’s plant in San Juan del Rio was recognized for the first time for its environmental efforts.

Valeant’s Greenville (S.C.) facility was recognized as a 2015 Duke Energy Power Partner for leading the way in smart energy use and sustainability. The facility has a long history of partnering with Duke Energy to find ways of reducing electrical usage. Over 2015 the site partnered with Duke to lease an on-site generator for backup as an alternative to having a second power feed installed for the plant.