As one of Canada’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies, Valeant Canada is committed to expanding its presence across the country.

Valeant Canada has a diverse product portfolio in several therapeutic areas, including pain management, cardiovascular disease, neurology and dermatology, and it continues to build upon these areas with new offerings. As leaders in new research and development in dermatology, Valeant Canada has established an R&D Centre of Excellence for consumer dermatology in Laval, Quebec.

Canada is also home to Valeant’s largest North American manufacturing site, located in Steinbach, Manitoba – a sprawling, state-of-the-art facility handling the manufacturing of prescription and non-prescription medications. Steinbach is responsible for approximately 50% of the company’s prescription drugs. A second Canadian manufacturing plant is located in Laval.

According to a 2015 study of top Canadian brands, Valeant ranked first in the pharmaceutical industry and 24th among all brands in Canada. Valeant is the only pharmaceutical company to have made the Top 100 Canadian Brands in 2015.

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