Supplier Diversity

Valeant believes our corporation and the communities in which we operate benefit from sourcing practices that capitalize on the unique skills, knowledge, creativity and talent that having a diverse supply base offers. Senior leadership is responsible for ensuring a culture that fosters equal opportunities for diverse owned enterprises. Ultimately, we seek the most capable suppliers in terms of quality, service, cost and technology on a global basis.

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  • Supplier Expectations - Our quality standards and products have established Valeant as a worldwide leader and provider of some of the finest products available. Consequently, we have high expectations of our suppliers.
  • Diverse Certification Requirements - Validation of a supplier's diverse status is required for participation in the Supplier Diversity initiative.
  • Commodities We Purchase - Valeant has a vast array of buying needs dependent upon location, operation and/or business sector.
  • Second Tier Relationships - Valeant trusts that your company also values and prioritizes the inclusion of diverse-owned businesses in your purchases, and that you have measures in place to determine your progress in this area.
  • Submit a Diverse Supplier Profile

Valeant is committed to the maintenance and ongoing assessment necessary to ensure an effective Supplier Diversity Program.